Welcome to PX Trade Sales - Trade Cars For Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch.

We are a family run business and as our name suggests most of our vehicles are part exchanges bought in from main dealers across the UK. 

Every vehicle that comes in is HPI Checked and whilst we are not trained mechanics we like to drive every car to make sure the engines don't overheat, the brakes work, the clutches and gearboxes are operational and that generally the cars start and drive as they should.

We even go so far as to tax many of them so we can enjoy driving them until their new owners are found.

When it comes to selling cars our mantra is simple ...

If we wouldn't drive our children in them, we wouldn't expect you to.

Our Low Pricing Policy

When it comes to pricing our vehicles we look around for the cheapest like for like cars within 60 miles and then match them to ensure you get offered the best cars at the best prices.

Buying A Part Exchange Trade Disposal

Part exchange trade disposals are mainly cars that are too old and / or have too high mileages to be retailed by a Main Dealer. Most vehicles over 5 years old fall outside of their original manufacturers warranties and as such have to be sold with third party warranties which are full of small print and generally do not cover common wear and tear items. We prefer to sell our cars for what they are, at prices that are less, so you can decide whether you require a third party warranty and / or wish to upgrade your vehicle to full retail standard. Most our customers prefer to save the money and keep it in the bank for a rainy day.

Arranging Test Drives & Inspections.

When arranging a test drive please call us an hour or so before you leave to ensure the vehicle you are interested in is still available, it also gives us time to collect the vehicle from our storage facilities if it is not already on display.

As with buying any used car if you are not in the motor trade we would always recommend a thorough professional mechanical inspection for your own protection and peace of mind. That said our reputation means everything so we would never knowingly sell a vehicle with a major mechanical fault.

Vehicles Over 10 Years Old And / Or With Mileages Over 100,000

Regardless of how good they look or well they drive we class all vehicles over 10 years old and / or with mileages over 100000 as end of life. As such they will only be sold sold for spares or repairs or renovation.

For More Information Please Call